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Nurtured Spirit offers the tools you can use to ground and center yourself in order to move confidently through your busy life.  In our current society we find ourselves feeling fractured, stressed, worried and even fearful as we seem to scramble through each day.  Do you find yourself saying, "There's a hole in my life", an emptiness that nothing seems to fill?  Science has proven that we, as human beings, have three areas of connection: body, mind and spirit.  Unless you nurture all three  areas, you start to encounter energy loss, depression, and/ or the physical effects of stress.

Visualize being in a state of harmony and peace, being able to function from your soul essence and guided by your life’s purpose as you seek wellness, health and happiness through a nurtured spirit.

Allow Nurtured Spirit to cherish your spirit with a soul-body harmony session through the healing hands-on art of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), or Shamanic healing.  Learn to travel down your intended spirit path through Reiki classes, drum making classes, classes to take you into the intuitive dream time and the practice of shamanism, or the wisdom of our Net of Light (formerly Grandmothers') Circle.

Through Reiki, IET, or Shamanic intuition we can help restore your energy and release negative feelings which can drag you down physically, mentally and emotionally.  Drumming and engaging in drum making classes and our special Net of Light Circle lets you connect with Spirit in a way that will lift your heart and help heal you body and mind.  Rather than feeling overwhelmed, Nurtured Spirit will help empower you to handle yourself and your daily demands with calmness and grace.  You can once again feel that wonderful anticipation for each new day.  Come join us.

You may also like to experience essential oils healings regiment and the benefit of crystal and stone energy work.

Try an energetic healing session allowing your body and spirit to materialize harmony.  Take advantage of any of our services by contacting us.

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