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Nurture your spirit and discover your true path through learning with us.  Learn to tap into the universal energies of  Reiki or to journey to the beat of a drum.  Enhance your intuition and healing abilities.  Watch for class offerings posted below:

DRUM MAKING CLASS: February 15, 2018, 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Creating a drum can be a magical experience as you put your prayer and energy into the experience.  The magical act of creating the drum bonds you with this "medicine" as you learn to work with the drum while it teaches the ever changing laws of nature.  In this class you will make a sacred animal hide drum and beater.  You will need to contact me for hide, hoop, and size information for ordering your drum materials.  I will need your order and down-payment by February 1, 2018.

For more information and registration email:  

Introduction to Shamanism: Awakening to Spirit
November 15, 2016, 12:00am - 4:00pm Cost $45 

Step into your own power of inate wisdom and self healing!  Acquire an understanding of Shamanism, one of the fastest growing venues for intuitive empowerment in Western culture.  The participant will learn the technique of "journeying" to a monotonous drum beat, and connect to spirit guides and their own intuitive wisdom.
Location: Essential Energies, 915 Airport Road, Jackson MI 49202
To register email Laura at

Empowering the Soul Within: 10 Month Shamanic Apprenticeship
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Shamanism
February, 2015 through November, 2015   10:00 - 4:00        $75 per session
Email Laura at for more information

Reiki III
October 28, 2017
from 9:00 - 5:00    Cost $300
To register email Laura at

This class is for Reiki II Level healers who are ready to pass on attunements, teach classes or are interested in beginning a Reiki practice as a master healer.   Participants will be attuned to the Master level and learn how to pass on the Reiki attunements to others.  In addition they will receive ideas for conducting a class for teaching and attuning others. Participants will get a chance to hone their skills as healers and learn from other Reiki practitioners.

 Reiki I  

May, 2017

Reiki II  



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