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Shamanic Healing

From a shamanic perspective all illnesses are spiritual imbalances that can be corrected with spiritual intervention.  It doesn't matter if the illness is mental, emotional, spiritual or physical.  Shamanic healing is about restoring spiritual wholeness, energy and power by establishing balance and harmony in the individual's world.  Common techniques often used by Shamans for healing individuals include soul retrieval, power retrieval and energy or intrusion extraction.

Feeling depressed, empty inside, stressed, having addictions, or a weakened immune system?  Experiencing chronic pain or fatigue?  Step into your own power for self healing and well being!  You may wish to try an energetic healing session allowing your body and spirit to materialize harmony.

Soul Retrieval
Indicators of a person having soul loss might be depression, addictions, a weakened immune system, de-personalization, feeling empty inside, chronic illness, post-traumatic stress.  Soul loss can occur when a person has a traumatic event or experience such as an operation, an accident, abuse, a child separated from a parent, substance use, break up of a relationship, etc.  The healing goal would be to help establish balance and well being in the client by harmonizing the soul essence within the client.

Power Loss
Power loss can occur when a person has lost contact with their helping spirit.  Symptoms of power loss can be chronic fatigue, chronic illness, depression, weakness, continuous misfortune or problems.

Energetic or Intrusion Extraction
Localized chronic pain and /or discomfort are characteristics of having an intrusion.  Intrusions are obstructions in the energy body, which can block the life force energy from flowing freely, thus causing disease and pain.  Through the shamanic journey, the energy blockages can be removed, healing the disrupted soul body areas, restoring harmony.

During a Soul - Body harmony session with Laura, you may seek:
  • Energetic healing and relaxation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Clearing and strengthening your auric field
  • Balancing and energizing chakras
  • Clearing relationship patterns
  • Psychic cord attachment cutting
  • Soul retrieval
  • Power retrieval
  • Early childhood programs, karmic and ancestral patterns identified and eliminated
  • Energy and intrusion extractions
  • Stone/crystal, essential oils vibration healing
  • Healing from trauma or illness
  • House clearing or psycho pomp (elimination of unwanted spirit attachments)
  • Dream interpretation
  • Divination: Answers to questions with divine advice
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